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Bryan City Directory
Bryan Municipal Court 419.636.6939  
Bryan Municipal Utilities 419.633.6100 utility@cityofbryan.com
City Attorney 419.636.2596 attorney@cityofbryan.com
Clerk-Treasurer's Office 419.633.6020 cityclerk@cityofbryan.com
Engineering Department 419.633.6010 engineering@cityofbryan.com
Fire Department 419.633.6080 firedept@cityofbryan.com
Mayor's Office 419.633.6000 mayor@cityofbryan.com
Parks & Recreation 419.633.6030 parks-rec@cityofbryan.com
Police Department 419.633.6050 bryanpd@cityofbryan.com
Recycling Department 419.636.3382 recycling@cityofbryan.com
Street Department 419.636.8547 streets@cityofbryan.com
Wastewater Treatment Plant 419.636.8741 wwtp@cityofbryan.com


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