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Wastewater Treatment Plant

1521 Evansport Road
Bryan, Ohio 43506







Mercury Minimization Program


The Bryan Wastewater Treatment Plant is under the supervision of Ric Homier. The 6 staff at the treatment plant are responsible for the operation and maintenance of equipment at the treatment plant and the seven pump stations that contribute to the average daily flow of 2.5 million gallons per day. There have been several expansions and upgrades since the the original plant was built in 1940.


The last major upgrade was completed in 2005 when the City invested 1.2 million dollars in a sludge dewatering and drying system that allows for the environmentally safe and efficient handling of sludge solids. Currently challenging the plant is the OEPA mandated elimination of overflows that occur during periods of extreme wet weather.


Monthly Sewer Use Rate Schedule
The wastewater sewer use rate for each property with in the City of Bryan whose premises are served either directly or indirectly by a connection to the Bryan, Ohio, sewage system shall be ninety cents ($.90) per 100 cubic feet of wastewater discharged. The quantity of wastewater discharged shall be equal to measured water usage as determined by the Bryan City Water Department water meter therein, or by sewage meter installed on the discharge pipe there from.

Other Sewage Minimum Charges Monthly Basis
In addition to the sewer use rate per 100 cubic feet of wastewater discharged, a monthly sewage service charge based on the size of the water meter installed therein shall be charged as follows:

Meter Size (inches) Service Units Charge *

5/8-3/4-1 1.0 $13.00
1 1/2 3.0 $39.00
2 5.0 $65.00
3 11.0 $143.00
4 16.8 $218.40
6 32.6 $423.80
8 52.4 $681.20

* Based on $13.00 per service unit.
(Ord. 5-2013. Passed 2-18-2013)

Notice: No adjustments made for the filling of swimming pools








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