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Wastewater Treatment Plant

1521 Evansport Road
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Mercury Minimization Program


Wastewater Treatment Plant Timeline

1940 - The Bryan Wastewater Treatment Plant with a capacity of .85 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) is placed in operation.

1962 - Plant capacity doubled to 1.9 MGD

1971 - An estimated 45 million gallons of untreated or partially treated wastewater were being discharged per year. Two 2.5 MGD holding ponds and two 7.5 acre polishing ponds were constructed to help manage high flows.

1974 - A chemical feed building was added to enable the plant to remove phosphorus which was now being limited by the Ohio EPA.

1975 - A liquid sludge applicator truck was purchased and the plant began applying sludge to crop fields.

1984 - Ohio EPA approved an industrial pretreatment program designed to eliminate upsets at the treatment plant and ensure that the plant could meet it's discharge permit.

1988 - Major improvements were made at the plant that increased the capacity to 3.1 MGD. A higher level of treatment was achieved including ammonia removal.

2005 - A state of the art sludge dewatering facility was constructed. Liquid sludge is processed with centrifuges and a natural gas fired sludge dryer that produces a class "A" sludge that is considered more environmentally friendly than the previous class "B" sludge that was produced.


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